Hey there! I’m

Yijing Wang

Currently a graduate student in MID program of Georgia Institute of Technology. I am actively seeking for an UXD position(full-time/part-time). If you are interested in working with me

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Class Project: Georgia tech MID 2021Fall Service design and branding
An ecotourism service with travel app


Class Project: Georgia tech MID 2021Fall Studio
An interactive kitchen scale


iF Design Award Project: At Xiaoshan Culture Development Co, Ltd.
A pair of zipper handle with a mechanical reminding ringing function


Independent Project: Design practice
A new form of toilet brush

Breast Cancer Data Vis

Class Project: Principle of Data visualization from MCS
Our data visualizations educate readers on breast cancer knowledge, explore relationships between factors such as race, breast cancer subtype, stage diagnosed, and age, and illustrate the relationship between breast cancer treatment and patient conditions.